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PKF Finconta Managing Partner explains how to redesign operating models as a business recovery strategy

26 Oct 2020

Florentina Susnea, Managing Partner at Romanian member firm PKF Finconta, has published an article on LinkedIn discussing the importance of business operations redesign when planning a strategy to recover from the current crisis.

In the article, Florentina looks at operational restructuring, different tax approaches including requesting additional time to file and pay income tax or seeing if the company is exempt under new measures, and working with outside consultants to help with more complicated tax matters.

Florentina writes: “As companies stabilize, fiscal and financial functions will be required to play an even stronger role in helping companies determine the next steps in their recovery plan. Transforming the operating model can help reduce overheads, control the unpredictable costs of digitization, and redirect internal resources to more strategic activities.”

The article concludes with essential advice around re-evaluating a company’s operating model, including conducting an audit to understand priorities, determining which areas of the business need upskilling, and finding the right mix of tactics for your company. Florentina notes that many businesses follow a hybrid route of outsourcing certain tax issues to a third party, allowing their people more time to focus on profit making activities.

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