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Alerts - News - 28 12 2016

Cyprus Passport (Cyprus Citizenship by investment) criteria are changing again

Cyprus Cabinet approved significant new changes to the already popular Cyprus Citizenship by Investment program

Alerts - News - 30 06 2016

New Cyprus taxation incentives

Cyprus government has approved new taxation incentives to boost and support Cyprus start-up businesses

Alerts - News - 20 06 2016

Cyprus companies provisional tax payment – year 2016

Cyprus companies are obliged to submit a provisional tax computation of their Cyprus taxable income

Alerts - News - 20 05 2016

How to pay Cyprus Companies annual levy for 2016

According to Cyprus Company Law, we would like to remind you of Cyprus Companies’ obligation of €350 annual fixed levy

Alerts - News - 02 03 2016

Cyprus registrar of Companies further extension

Further extension period granted by the Cyprus registrar of Companies for companies that have not complied with the Law

Alerts - News - 02 12 2015

Cyprus Companies Deemed Dividend Distribution – 2015

Cyprus Companies should be aware of the deemed distribution provisions of the Special Contribution for the Defence Law on profits and dividend

Alerts - News - 02 12 2015

Extension period granted by the Cyprus registrar of Companies

Please note that the Cyprus Registrar of Companies has granted an extension until March 31, 2016 to companies that have filed an objection for deletion / de-registration until 9 November 2015

Alerts - News - 06 11 2015

Cyprus Company’s temporary tax assessment 12 – 2015

Revision of Cyprus Company’s temporary tax assessment and second installment payment in relation to the year 2015

Articles - 08 10 2015

Cyprus Taxation incentives – moving to Cyprus

Cyprus Taxation incentives for High-net worth individuals moving to Cyprus – Illustrative examples

Articles - 02 10 2015

Cyprus Companies and Cyprus Notional Interest Deduction (NID)

Cyprus Companies, Cyprus financing companies, Cyprus Notional Interest Deduction (NID) on new equity, new Cyprus taxation advantages and illustrative examples

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